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Business Security Camera Installation Recommended Location Placement!

When setting up security cameras for a business, it's essential to consider the specific needs and layout of your premises. Here are recommended locations for placing security cameras to enhance the overall security of your business:

Entrances and Exits:

Install cameras at all entry and exit points, including front and back doors. These cameras can capture anyone entering or leaving the premises and are crucial for identifying potential threats or intruders.

Parking Lots:

Cover parking areas with cameras to monitor vehicles and potential break-ins or vandalism. Ensure good coverage of parking spaces, entrances, and exits.


Place cameras along the perimeter of your property to monitor fences, gates, and external walls. This helps deter trespassers and provides early detection of any unauthorized access.

Reception/Waiting Areas:

Install cameras in reception and waiting areas to monitor customer interactions and any suspicious behavior or incidents.

Cash Registers and Point-of-Sale (POS) Areas:

 Position cameras to monitor cash registers, cash-handling areas, and POS systems to deter theft and provide evidence in case of disputes.

Breakrooms and Common Areas:

Consider cameras in breakrooms and common areas to monitor employee and visitor behavior, enhancing overall security and safety.

Server Rooms:

Protect server rooms and IT infrastructure with security cameras to prevent unauthorized access and monitor any potential equipment tampering. 

High-Risk Areas:

Identify any high-risk areas within your business, such as areas with valuable inventory, and ensure they have adequate camera coverage.

Emergency Exits:

Consider placing cameras near emergency exits to monitor their usage and ensure they are not used for unauthorized access.

Restricted Access Areas:

Ensure cameras cover any areas with restricted access, such as server rooms, confidential document storage, or chemical storage.

Hallways and Corridors:

Cover hallways and corridors to monitor movement within your business premises, ensuring that no blind spots are left unattended.

Office and Storage Rooms:

Secure sensitive areas, such as offices and storage rooms, with cameras to protect valuable assets and sensitive information.

Stairwells and Elevators:

Install cameras in stairwells and elevators to enhance security and provide evidence in case of accidents or incidents.

Loading Docks:

If applicable, place cameras at loading docks to monitor deliveries, shipments, and any potential unauthorized access to the area.

Exterior Building Corners:

Cover exterior building corners with cameras to eliminate blind spots and deter unauthorized access.

Alleyways and Back Entrances:

If your business has alleyways or back entrances, these should also be monitored to prevent unauthorized entry and vandalism.

Cash Drop and Deposit Areas:

If your business involves cash drops or deposits, install cameras to monitor these areas to prevent theft and provide evidence in case of disputes.

Sensitive Equipment and Machinery:

Protect sensitive equipment and machinery with cameras to prevent tampering or unauthorized use.

Remember to check local laws and regulations regarding security camera placement and privacy to ensure compliance. Additionally, consider using signs to notify employees and visitors of surveillance to maintain transparency and deter inappropriate behavior.

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