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Types of Security Cameras Available  

Dome Security Cameras

Dome Security Cameras are used for inside and outside installations. They get their name from their dome-shaped area covering the camera lens. They are  built to be vandal resistant. Their Infrared lights are used in low light areas. if the dome is not sealed correctly, moisture can accumulate inside the dome, blurring the picture especially at night. Depending on the light, they can also be prone to glare or reflection.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet Security Cameras are known for their cylinder-shaped casing. These cameras stand out when installed and let visitors know to be aware they are being watched. Most bullet cameras are installed outside but can also be used inside mostly in retail stores and commercial locations. There small flap over the lens protects them from sun glare and inclement weather. 

Turret Security Cameras

Turret Security Cameras also known as the Mini Dome or Eye Ball Camera. This camera has become very popular in the last five years. The can be installed outside and inside. The factory sealed lens, provides lower maintenance and better Infrared night vision are all upgrades. They can be prone to vandalism but if installed  in the correct locations are a great security camera for commercial, retail and residential installs.

Motion Tracking PTZ Camera

PTZ Security Cameras also known as the Motion Tracking Camera or Pan Tilt Zoom Security Camera. This camera will target and focus in on any moving object it finds within its view. Then the varifocal lens has the ability to focus up to 40x closer depending on the location of movement. Great for Commercial Buildings, Retail Locations and Parking Lots.  

License Plate Camera

License Plate Security Cameras also known as a LPR Security Camera. The LPR camera is built specifically to capture license plates from vehicles coming and going thru a specified location. The camera has a narrow focus, lower resolution and will need to be placed at the proper height and location. 


Anti Deterrent Security Cameras This security camera combines a motion detector, flashing lights and a warning sound to deter any one close. Most Anti deterrent security cameras also allow the owner to view motion while hearing and speaking back thru a built in microphone and speaker. Commercial or Residential Install. 

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